Saturday, July 19, 2008

Columbia County Democrats Unanimously Endorse Anne Rubin for New York's 103rd Assembly District

Columbia County Democrats Unanimously Endorse Anne Rubin for Assembly

At a meeting in Hudson Wednesday evening, July16, Columbia County Democrats unanimously endorsed Anne Rubin for New York's 103rd Assembly District. Columbia County voted for Democrat Virginia Martin in 2006, and Democrats made significant gains across the County in 2007.

While speaking to assembled Democrats, Anne Rubin stated, "As a mother of two, I look around and I see that we can be doing more, and must be doing more, to make sure that our residents, farms, and small businesses, are not paying an unfair amount of their income to property taxes."

The motion was made by Victor Mendolia, Chairman of the Hudson City Democratic Committee, who said afterwards, "We are extremely enthusiastic about Anne. Her great showing with petitions, garnering over 1000 signatures in just over a week, shows that she has a lot of momentum right now. There is tremendous grassroots excitement about her and people really appreciate that she is involved in her community, She is somebody who really understands the issues and cares about the people of the Hudson Valley".

For more information, contact Pat Kelly at 845-325-2659 or
Anne Rubin's Website
Contribute to Anne's campaign on ActBlue

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Facts About Marc Molinaro and Stephen Saland

On Monday 14 July, 2008 the Register-Star published a letter by Hudson City Democratic Committee Chair, Victor Mendolia. Chairman Mendolia points out the facts about the perceptions and reality regarding Marc Molinaro and Stephen Saland's ability to deliver for their districts.

Do Assembly Member Marc Molinaro and State Senator Stephen Saland really deliver for their districts? One would think so by reading this and any number of other local newspapers. Every few days (especially near election time) they seem to be everywhere. There they are delivering a check supporting a fire house or library. Any chance for a photo opportunity they are there. But the reality is something far different.

Being in the minority in the Assembly, Molinaro is receiving crumbs, compared to what a Democrat would get for the district. Like it or not, having a Republican represent the 103rd district means less money for Columbia and Dutchess counties. But even in the State Senate where the Republicans currently maintain a razor thin majority, Saland's member items total is at the bottom of the list. By nearly all accounts, the NY State Senate will be controlled by Democrats after the election this November. Even being in the majority doesn't help Saland bring home the dollars for his district. Now that Joe Bruno and the Republicans are on the run, does anyone actually believe that things will get better with Molinaro and Saland in office? We would receive less from the state and our standing with the leadership in both houses will be meaningless.

As Republican control of New York State government is about to become a fading memory, there is a better choice. Electing Ken Dow for State Senate and Anne Rubin for Assembly will ensure that Columbia and Dutchess Counties finally start getting their fair share. The problems in these districts are many. Ken Dow and Anne Rubin will be in the forefront of this issues that confront us. In addition they will have allies at the top in both houses along with a Governor who has demonstrated his understanding and support for the Hudson Valley.

If you support getting our fair share from state government, if you support real job creation and support for small business, if you support alternative energy and protecting our environment and farms, there are two smart choices for NY State legislature. Vote Ken Dow for State Senate and Anne Rubin for Assembly. Vote your wallet. Vote Democratic.

Victor Mendolia

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Anne Rubin Announces Candidacy For 103rd Assembly

(Red Hook, New York, July 8th 2008)

It is with great honor and enthusiasm that Anne Rubin announces her candidacy for the 103rd Assembly District. Anne is a longtime Hudson Valley resident and working mother who lives in the Village of Red Hook with her husband and two young children. She is a local community activist and member of Red Hook's Conservation Advisory Council and Zoning Review Committee. In both her community work and family life, she has demonstrated a strong work ethic and a drive to overcome obstacles.

In the coming months, Anne looks forward to introducing herself to the residents of her district, hearing their concerns and ideas, and presenting her own ideas for making the Hudson Valley more affordable for working families and more supportive for local businesses.

"I am running for office because I believe that everyone should have the promise of opportunity to make a good life for themselves. My first priority will be making sure that no one in our district has to pay an unfair share of their income for property taxes. We need to be doing more to find alternatives to property taxes, to promote our local businesses, and to develop an economic base which can profit from our tremendous agricultural resources and the rise in environmentally centered industries like alternative energy," said Anne Rubin.

She continued, "I decided to run because I believe that politics should be about communities working together to grow and prosper. I see all around me the consequences of business as usual in Albany, and am convinced that we need to find new ways of growing our local economies, keeping our farms viable, and making the Hudson Valley affordable for all our families."

Candidates for the Assembly must collect 500 signatures to get on the ballot in November. In less than a week, through her own drive, and by inspiring dozens of volunteers, Anne has exceeded this number. It is virtually unprecedented for a candidate to gather this many signatures in such a short time.

"Anne Rubin is exactly the kind of candidate that the Democratic Party and the people of the district need in the race for New York's 103rd Assembly seat. Her work on the Conservation Advisory Council in the Town of Red Hook gives her the insight necessary to help maintain the Hudson Valley's character while investing in new infrastructure and economic growth," said Ira Margulies, President of the Dutchess County Young Democrats.

"Anne Rubin's grasp of the issues that people are concerned about in the Hudson Valley is phenomenal. Her energy and deep understanding of the environmental and economic issues we face will make her a great advocate for us in the Assembly", said Victor Mendolia, Chairman of the Hudson City Democratic Committee.

An official signature count will be released Wednesday night, after all petitions have been collected and gathered in one place.

For more information contact Pat Kelly at 845-325-2659 or
Contribute to Anne's campaign on ActBlue

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Columbia County Democrats Annual Picnic To Take Place Sunday Aug 3rd


Columbia County
Democratic Picnic

August 3rd, 2008
Noon – 3:00pm

Claverack Town Park

(on Church Street in Mellenville)

Please join us for an afternoon in Claverack to support the
Coumbia County Democratic Committee
and local Democratic candidates.

Meet the Candidates
Children’s Tent
Chat and Chow

Food by the Legendary Mellenville Fire Dept.

by ordering your tickets on

Friday, July 4, 2008

Supervisor Doug McGivney Sees the Future of Voting in Columbia County

Supervisor Doug McGivney (D-Kinderhook) sees into the future of voting in Columbia County. In his letter to the Register-Star, Doug calms fears and sets the record straight on what the new voting machines are and what they are not.

To the Editor,

This is in response to Register-Star Article by John Mason reporting on the Board of Supervisors, County Government Committee meeting concerning the use of the new voting machines. I am very disappointed that the Democratic Election Commissioner did not support the full use of the new $ 11,000.00 machines. Both he and the Republican Election Commissioner sent a letter to the NYS Board of Elections requesting full participation. If they were only going to go with the handicap voting a cheaper machine could have been purchased – like was done by NYC.

So far as training of the voters is concerned the article quotes Copake Supervisor Crowley making statements frightening the public with the “new” and “computer-type” machines and the usual implication that “seniors; will not vote. As a 70 year old senior I resent the implication. Anyone, including us seniors that have mastered the lever machines will find the new system “a piece of cake”. The new machines are actually less complicated than the old lever machines. A person actually completes a written ballot by checking the choices and places the ballot in a “box”. The box is actually a counter so there is a machine count and the ballot drops into the box for future verification if needed. If only the people criticizing the “new machine” would look at one they might appreciate the simplicity of it. I urge the Columbia County Board of Elections to immediately display the 5 new machines at various places throughout the county at secure locations like Town Halls with printed materials showing how easy they work. The Towns can provide needed security – as we have for years.

Doug McGivney

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pride and Disapproval - Virginia Martin Letter to the Editor in Register-Star

Concerning your paper’s reporting on the Flag Day Parade: I want to commend all who follow current events and look at them with critical eyes. And I want to acknowledge, respectfully, those whose patriotism is so intense that it is painful for them to hear their country being criticized.

The good men and women who founded this country understood that the future of their newly united states would be fraught with such situations, where two (or two million) with sharply divided opinions would find themselves very much at odds. Our founders knew that strong disagreement would be extraordinarily difficult. They feared that democracy might not survive such tensions.

But tensions like these are inherent in democracy. Indeed, our unfettered ability to state our views is one of our country’s most cherished, important, and distinguishing features.

National polls in which citizens do just that— state their views—reveal that nearly 70% of us disapprove of the actions our president has taken. I tip my hat to a country that, without threatening any retribution, allows the people to voice their opposition and the media to publish their statements.

Another tip of the hat to a country whose citizens, in the midst of this disapproval, are motivated to participate in a parade honoring that country and its ideals. I marched in that parade, and you can count me among the disapproving 70 or so percent. But make no mistake, I marched with great pride in the knowledge that we citizens have the power to change our country’s direction.

I love my country. It’s true that much that my country is doing right now I find completely unlovable. But, I love having the opportunity to help change what my country does, and I’m proud that my country has survived these 232 years, despite the difficulties.

Virginia Martin

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ernest Reis has Letter to Editor Published in Register-Star

To the Editor:

Over several months now there have been regular and numerous photos and/or press releases proffered by Senator Saland regarding the state budget and the appropriations he secured for local municipalities, educational agencies, and not for profits. The press releases create an image for me of the Senator dressed in some super-hero tights (green cape and all) with the symbols “$$” embolden on his chest. Coupled with that image is the perception that the Senator single-handedly passed the New York State budget. Not a problem, what else is his press supposed to do?

The public, of all political persuasions, has basically developed a positive image of the Senator over his years in office. Based on the Senator’s seniority and committee responsibilities, he is supposed to deliver for the 41st Senatorial District. Before we embrace his image and the recent efforts cast his assembly cohorts Mr. Molinaro and Lopez in this light, we have to think outside of Mr. Saland’s senatorial district and rethink what may actually be delivered.

In a recent “Kingston Freeman” article there was an analysis of senatorial pork in the Hudson Valley. Five state senators from the region were mentioned in the article and Mr. Saland ranked last in terms of delivering cash to his district. Since senate districts have roughly the same population, logic forces me to believe the people in the 41st District are sending more money per capita to the state in taxes than we receive.

What is not mentioned in the Saland press releases is the rumored $24,000,000,000 deficit that the state budget is facing (yes, you need 10 decimal places to reach a billion). In the game of government the NYS Assembly and Senate can appropriate but the Governor in the Executive Branch actually initiates expenditures. All those Senator Saland “secured” appropriations that were recently publicized for groups in Columbia and Northern Dutchess Counties may be like the weather phenomenon virga, rain that falls from a cloud but evaporates before it hits the ground. I do not know how tight fisted Governor Patterson might be or how much sway his office has over these appropriations but local agencies relying on Mr. Saland’s largess may find out over the next six to twelve months.

However, this November voters in Columbia and Northern Dutchess should take these thoughts to the voting booth when they see in Row A Mr. Ken Dow’s name, the former Columbia County Democrat Chairperson, who is running for Senate in the 41st District. Mr. Dow’s challenge to Mr. Saland is a steep climb and if he were alone among upstate races it would be daunting.

There were five, now six other state senate races at play this November. There have been a few special state senate elections where Democrats have won against odds similar to those facing Mr. Dow. This November the Democrats only need to win 3 to take over the majority in the Senate.

The NYS Democratic Party is poised to win the contested seats and take over the Senate. Even with the Republicans in power Saland was short on delivery. To re-elect Mr. Saland should not be a forgone conclusion with the apparent shift in power in the Senate the on the horizon. The wise choice is to vote Row A for Mr. Ken Dow for the 41st Senatorial District to ensure we voters in Columbia and Northern Dutchess counties have a voice that’s listened to in the NYS Senate.

Ernest Reis