Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Anne Rubin Announces Candidacy For 103rd Assembly

(Red Hook, New York, July 8th 2008)

It is with great honor and enthusiasm that Anne Rubin announces her candidacy for the 103rd Assembly District. Anne is a longtime Hudson Valley resident and working mother who lives in the Village of Red Hook with her husband and two young children. She is a local community activist and member of Red Hook's Conservation Advisory Council and Zoning Review Committee. In both her community work and family life, she has demonstrated a strong work ethic and a drive to overcome obstacles.

In the coming months, Anne looks forward to introducing herself to the residents of her district, hearing their concerns and ideas, and presenting her own ideas for making the Hudson Valley more affordable for working families and more supportive for local businesses.

"I am running for office because I believe that everyone should have the promise of opportunity to make a good life for themselves. My first priority will be making sure that no one in our district has to pay an unfair share of their income for property taxes. We need to be doing more to find alternatives to property taxes, to promote our local businesses, and to develop an economic base which can profit from our tremendous agricultural resources and the rise in environmentally centered industries like alternative energy," said Anne Rubin.

She continued, "I decided to run because I believe that politics should be about communities working together to grow and prosper. I see all around me the consequences of business as usual in Albany, and am convinced that we need to find new ways of growing our local economies, keeping our farms viable, and making the Hudson Valley affordable for all our families."

Candidates for the Assembly must collect 500 signatures to get on the ballot in November. In less than a week, through her own drive, and by inspiring dozens of volunteers, Anne has exceeded this number. It is virtually unprecedented for a candidate to gather this many signatures in such a short time.

"Anne Rubin is exactly the kind of candidate that the Democratic Party and the people of the district need in the race for New York's 103rd Assembly seat. Her work on the Conservation Advisory Council in the Town of Red Hook gives her the insight necessary to help maintain the Hudson Valley's character while investing in new infrastructure and economic growth," said Ira Margulies, President of the Dutchess County Young Democrats.

"Anne Rubin's grasp of the issues that people are concerned about in the Hudson Valley is phenomenal. Her energy and deep understanding of the environmental and economic issues we face will make her a great advocate for us in the Assembly", said Victor Mendolia, Chairman of the Hudson City Democratic Committee.

An official signature count will be released Wednesday night, after all petitions have been collected and gathered in one place.

For more information contact Pat Kelly at 845-325-2659 or Pat.Kelly.RH@gmail.com.
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