Monday, July 14, 2008

The Facts About Marc Molinaro and Stephen Saland

On Monday 14 July, 2008 the Register-Star published a letter by Hudson City Democratic Committee Chair, Victor Mendolia. Chairman Mendolia points out the facts about the perceptions and reality regarding Marc Molinaro and Stephen Saland's ability to deliver for their districts.

Do Assembly Member Marc Molinaro and State Senator Stephen Saland really deliver for their districts? One would think so by reading this and any number of other local newspapers. Every few days (especially near election time) they seem to be everywhere. There they are delivering a check supporting a fire house or library. Any chance for a photo opportunity they are there. But the reality is something far different.

Being in the minority in the Assembly, Molinaro is receiving crumbs, compared to what a Democrat would get for the district. Like it or not, having a Republican represent the 103rd district means less money for Columbia and Dutchess counties. But even in the State Senate where the Republicans currently maintain a razor thin majority, Saland's member items total is at the bottom of the list. By nearly all accounts, the NY State Senate will be controlled by Democrats after the election this November. Even being in the majority doesn't help Saland bring home the dollars for his district. Now that Joe Bruno and the Republicans are on the run, does anyone actually believe that things will get better with Molinaro and Saland in office? We would receive less from the state and our standing with the leadership in both houses will be meaningless.

As Republican control of New York State government is about to become a fading memory, there is a better choice. Electing Ken Dow for State Senate and Anne Rubin for Assembly will ensure that Columbia and Dutchess Counties finally start getting their fair share. The problems in these districts are many. Ken Dow and Anne Rubin will be in the forefront of this issues that confront us. In addition they will have allies at the top in both houses along with a Governor who has demonstrated his understanding and support for the Hudson Valley.

If you support getting our fair share from state government, if you support real job creation and support for small business, if you support alternative energy and protecting our environment and farms, there are two smart choices for NY State legislature. Vote Ken Dow for State Senate and Anne Rubin for Assembly. Vote your wallet. Vote Democratic.

Victor Mendolia