Thursday, October 23, 2008

Both New York Senators - Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer Endorse Ken Dow

Senator Chuck Schumer and Senator Hillary Clinton both endorse Ken Dow for NY State Senate.

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has announced her endorsement of Ken Dow for New York State Senate.

Senator Clinton said:
“Ken Dow possesses the qualities needed to help New York move forward in these changing and challenging times. This is the year for us to elect a new Democratic Majority in the State Senate and put New York back on track. New York State needs the strongest team possible to lead us through the period ahead and that's why I'm supporting Ken Dow for State Senate.”

Senator Charles Schumer has announced his endorsement of Ken Dow, Democratic candidate for the NY State Senate in the 41st District (Dutchess and Columbia Counties).
Senator Schumer said:
“Ken Dow understands the strains facing working families and businesses, and he is prepared to lead New York forward in these difficult and changing times. Ken is committed to the serious steps we need to keep New York moving forward, such as reforming our burdensome tax structure and modernizing our infrastructure and energy systems. Ken Dow is the kind of thoughtful, progressive, and hard-working leader we need in the State Senate, and I am happy to give him my support.”

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