Thursday, April 9, 2009

UPDATED! Absentee Ballot Count Continues Along With Tedisco Camp Attempt to Disenfranchise Voters

By now most people anywhere near the 20th Congressional District know that the vote totals are a statistical dead heat. Left to be counted are the absentee ballots filed by residents who were not able to vote at a polling station due to travel or illness and Military ballots.

On Wednesday April 8th, the absentee ballot counting began and so did attempts to disenfranchise hundreds of voters by the Tedisco Campaign.

The overwhelming number of challenged ballots by the Tedisco Campaign had a NYC address. The Tedisco campaign is attempting to throw out the votes of second-home owners who vote in Columbia County, believing that these voters went heavily for Scott Murphy. If a second home owner in Columbia County chooses to vote here and is legally registered here, that is his/her legal right which has been upheld by the courts.

There were also inappropriate remarks made about the NYC addresses like .. "oh, Central Park West? That must be some swanky place." and "I wish I could afford to live there." etc. All NYC challenges and remarks came from the Republican side of the table.

The Murphy lawyers were completely professional and focused. There were a few votes challenged because of different signatures, the X not properly marked in the box, and a few other anomalies. But there were no wholesale challenges to a class of voters.

All challenges will be looked at by the judge who ordered the impounding of the ballots. We trust that the judge will see through this blatant attempt to disenfranchise legally registered voters. But only time will tell.

After two days of ballot counting
Of 233 ballots examined.
There were 83 challenges and 9 votes were counted as void.
16 districts out of 58 completed.
tedisco - 42

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