Thursday, August 6, 2009

Congressman Murphy to Hold Heathcare Congress On Your Corner on Saturday

Congress On Your Corner

Saturday, August 8th

WHO: Congressman Scott Murphy; Local Officials
WHAT: Valatie Congress-On-Your-Corner
WHERE: Golden Harvest Farm, 3074 US Highway 9, Valatie, NY
WHEN: Saturday August 8th at 11 AM

As you may have heard, there is an organized effort by the fringe element of the right wing to practice violence and intimidation at Town hall meetings being held by Democratic Congressmen during this August recess. Their intent is to shut down by shouting down all reasonable discussion of health care reform. Don't let that happen. Make your voice be heard.

It appears that Congressman Scott Murphy is being targeted at his Congress-on-your-Corner meeting to be held this Saturday, August 8: See The Albany Project.

So please come out and support National Healthcare for All.

Congressman Murphy’s schedule can be found here.

More information about these right wing efforts is available in this DailyKos diary.