Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Columbia County Primaries 2009

There were several primary elections in the city and towns of the county that will be of interest to 
Columbia County Democrats

City of Hudson 
  • There was only one Democratic Primary in all of Columbia County, that was in Hudson. There were two seats open for Alderman in Hudson's Common Council representing the 1st Ward. In a three way race for the two seats, Sarah Sterling has won the Democratic Primary. She also has the Independence Party line in November.  Sarah served previously as 1st Ward Alderman in 2006 and 2007.   
  • The second 1st Ward alderman seat is too close to call. Geeta Cheddie received 44 votes and Carole Osterink 42. There are a number of absentee votes. We will post results as soon as they become available.
  • Update: Geeta Cheddie has won the race for the second Alderman seat by one vote.  The final vote total were Sterling 55, Cheddie 47 and Osterink 46. Congratulations to Ms. Sterling and Ms. Cheddie.
  •  In the 4th Ward Supervisor race it appears that Supervisor William Hughes Jr has won the Independence Party line. Mr Hughes has previously been endorsed by the Hudson City Democratic Comittee and the Working Families Party
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      Town of Copake
      • Current Copake Town Justice Brian J. Herman won the Independence line with 19 votes to William Kane's 17 votes. Herman was also endorsed by the Democratic Party.
      • In the race for Assessor, Loredana Delventhal won the Independence Party line with 16 votes to current assessor David Gordineer’s 14. Delventhal was also endorsed by the Democrats in her bid for town assessor. 
      More Info at Copake Democrats

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      Town of Taghkanic: 
      There were a number of races in Taghkanic where the Democratic candidate picked up additional lines on the ballot this November. Most of these were against long entrenched candidates.
      • In the 2009 Independence Party Primary election, Loretta Hoffman scored a decisive victory with 13 votes over incumbent town Supervisor Elizabeth Young’s two. Hoffman also has the backing of the Taghkanic Democrats and the Working Families Party.
      • In the Independence Party race for Town Clerk/Tax Collector the vote was 10 votes for Audrey Koran with 5 for her challenger Cheryl E. Rogers
      • In the races for the 2 open town council seats. One position was won by Larry Kadish, with 13 votes.  Joyce Thompson with 9 votes appears to have taken the 2nd seat on the Independence Party line. Mr. Kadish and Ms. Thompson have previously been nominated to run by the Taghkanic Democrats and will also appear on the Democratic line. The other candidates were Tom Keiley with 3 votes with 1 vote for Joe Romaine.   
      • For Highway Superintendent Tom Youhas has won a slot on the Independence Party line. with 10 votes to Republican Edward Waldron's 3 votes. Mr. Youhas already also has the backing of the Taghkanic Democrats.
      • In the race for Taghkanic Democratic Committee, the winners scored a decisive victory. They were Gary L. Stoller, with 100 votes, and Diane M. Rodriguez, with 96 votes over Cheryl E. Rogers, the previous Chair of the Committee wiho received 29 votes.
      More at Taghkanic Democrats

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          Tuesday, September 1, 2009

          Primary Races Throughout Columbia County - But Where?

          There will be primary contests the 1st and 4th Wards in the City of Hudson and four towns. Canaan, Copake, Livingston and Taghkanic

          The only Democratic Primary in the County 
          is in the City of Hudson's 1st Ward.

          The only Democratic Race for Committee 
          is in the Town of Taghkanic

          (Democratic races are colored blue)
          (Republican races are colored red)
          (Independence Party races are colored purple)
          (Conservative Party races are colored orange)
          (Working Families Party races are colored green)
          Elections That Occur on
          Primary Day - Sept. 15

          • Hudson •

          • 1st Ward: Alderman 
          Democratic Party - Vote for two: Sarah H. Sterling, Carole Osterink, Geeta Cheddie
          Polling place: St. Mary’s Academy Building, 301 Allen St., Hudson
          More Info: Hudson Democrats Candidates 2009

          • 4th Ward: Supervisor 
          Independence Party - Vote for one: Opportunity to Ballot (Write in William Hughes Jr.)
          Conservative Party - Vote for one: Opportunity to Ballot (Write in William Hughes Jr.) 
          Polling Place: Columbia County Office Building, 401 State St., Hudson 
          • Canaan •
          • District 1: Committee 
          Republican Party

          • District 1 and 2: Supervisor
          Independence Party - Vote for one: Richard Keaveney, Opportunity to Ballot
          Conservative Party - Vote for one: Richard Keaveney, Opportunity to Ballot 
          Polling place: Town Hall, 1647 County Route 5, Canaan

          • Copake •
          District 1 and 2: Town Justice
          Independence Party - Vote for one: Brian J. Herman, William Kane

          District 1 and 2: Assessor
          Independence Party - Vote for one: David Gordineer, Loredana Delventhal
          Polling Place: Copake Town Hall, 230 Mountain View Rd., Copake

          • Livingston •
          District 2: Committee
          Republican Party
          Polling Place: Livingston Memorial Church Hall, 143 County Route 10, Germantown

          • Taghkanic •
          The following candidates have been endorsed by the 
          Taghkanic Democratic Committee

          District 1: Supervisor
          Independence Party - Vote for: Loretta Hoffmann

          District 1: Town Clerk/Tax Collector
          Independence Party - Vote for: (Write in Audrey Koran)

          District 1: Town Justice
          Working Families Party - Vote for: (Write in Jeff Tallackson)

          District 1: Town Council
          Independence Party - Vote for two: Larry Kadish,
          (Write in Joyce Thompson)
          Working Families Party - Vote for two: Joyce Thompson, (Write In Larry Kadish)

          District 1: Highway Superintendent
          Working Families Party - Vote for: (Write In Tom Youhas)

          District 1: Democratic Committee
          Democratic Party - Vote for two: Diane M. Rodriguez, Gary L. Stoller
          Polling Place: Taghkanic Town Hall, 909 State Route 82, Taghkanic