Thursday, November 5, 2009

Columbia County Democrats Leaders Personally Respond to $9Million Accounting Fiasco

Several key members of the Columbia County Democratic Committee (CCDC) have responded to the $9 Million accounting mess at the Columbia County Department of Social Services (DSS) by writing letters to the editor and by blogging.

We bring you these letters so that you can see what other people are thinking about this scandal.

Bear in mind, the writers are speaking only for themselves and not on behalf of the committee.

Carol Sacks
November 5, 2009
Letter to the Editor Register-Star
Carol Sacks is Treasurer of CCDC and Chair of Copake Democrats.
She was a candidate for Columbia County Treasurer in 2007.

Chris Nolan
November 4, 2009
Letter to the Editor Register-Star
Chris Nolan is Chair of CCDC and Chair of Clermont Democrats.

Victor Mendolia
November 2, 2009
Blog Post Diamond Street
Victor Mendolia is Chair of Hudson City Democratic Committee and CCDC Webmaster.