Wednesday, November 4, 2009

In Hudson Supervisor Races Landslides for Hughes and Cross

In Hudson, 4th Ward Supervisor William Hughes Jr. and 2nd Ward Supervisor Rev. Edward Cross III have been re-elected in landslides. 

Rev. Cross on the Democratic line, handily beat Tracy Decker who had the Republican and Conservative lines.

Supervisor Hughes had the endorsements of the Hudson Democrats and the Working Families Party and won the Conservative and Independence Party primaries as a write in candidate. He beat Samuel Santiago who ran on the Republican line.

Preliminary voting machine totals are as follows:

2nd Ward 
Cross - 132
Decker - 30

4th Ward
Hughes - 112 
Santiago - 31

In the 1st Ward Supervisor John Musall ran unopposed on the Democratic, Independence, Conservative and Working Families Party.

1st Ward
Musall - 93

The Hudson City Democratic Committee offers its thanks and congratulations to Supervisors John Musall, Edward Cross III and William Hughes Jr.

In the 3rd Ward, Supervisor Joe Finn is down by 18 votes in his 3rd race against Republican William Hallenbeck. Unofficial preliminary voting machine results have Finn with 110 and Hallenbeck with 128 with extremely light turnout, particularly in the 3rd Ward - 2nd District.

Note: 37 Absentee ballots have been sent with 26 having been returned so far.  Therefore this race is still too close to call.