Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ballot Battle Lands on NY Times - Page 1

From the article: 

TAGHKANIC, N.Y. — For years, Republican officials here have watched with growing alarm as newcomers from New York City arrived in late-model cars, built second homes and started to vote in increasing numbers, usually for Democrats.

Now Republicans, armed with private investigators, are pursuing a new strategy to preserve their power: take away part-time residents’ right to vote here.

Last month, after Democrats cast enough votes to threaten the Republican Party’s generations-old dominance of the town, Republican candidates filed a suit to review dozens of the Democrats’ absentee ballots, claiming they were cast by occasional residents who had no business voting here....

...Part-time residents said they were bewildered at having their votes challenged and blamed Republicans for trying to divide this quiet town along partisan lines. Many of them said they had been coming to Taghkanic for years and resented being cast as interlopers.

“They can have my vote back,” said Stephen Fass, a food importer who bought a house here in the 1980s. “But then I want my school taxes back.”

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