Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Report on the Republican Assault on Voting Rights in Columbia County

Are we getting anywhere?  Do we know who has won these races yet? What will Columbia County government look like when it is all over?
Report From CCDC Chairman Chris Nolan
Christopher Nolan, Chair of the Columbia County Democratic Committee, has issued the most extensive report that has been done to date, on the Republican assault on the voting rights of Columbia County voters. It includes a frank assessment of the players and motivations of those involved,
Read his report:

See also: After the Murphy/Tedisco case last Spring, George Rodenhausen and the committee's Election Law Task Force prepared a document on the voting rights of second home owners. Read that document:

A modern day goon-squad is in the county, and they want to steal your vote.

We have compiled a list of stories and editorials that have appeared since the Republicans started their campaign against Columbia County voters.

If you haven't seen it all, it is really worth a look.

We will not give up this fight.
But we need your help.
The tactics being employed by the Republicans are an orchestrated effort 
to intimidate the voters of Columbia County.

But we will not be intimidated.
We have stood with the voters of all political parties 
and those in no political party.
All NY voters have the right to vote where they choose,
and to have that vote counted without obstruction of any kind.
We are standing up for you.
Will you stand with us?
Please make a contribution right away.
Even a small contribution is helpful and greatly appreciated.
Or by check made out to CCDC sent to:
Columbia County Democratic Committee
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