Friday, January 8, 2010

Republicans File New Brief - Nothing New

Attorneys for the Republican plaintiffs in the challenge to the voting rights of Columbia County voters have filed their latest brief with Judge Nichols court.

The brief filed by attorney James Walsh alleges nothing new. He continues to argue the issue of residency, which the Appellate Division has ruled he cannot do (as did Judge Nichols).

The court instructed Walsh to provide the court with a detailed list of his objections to the remaining outstanding absentee ballots.  Instead, he provided a spread sheet that was prepared by the private investigator which lists all the residential information about every voter—there is no specific objection.  However, it seems clear from this spreadsheet that all their claims relate to residency.
Walsh has again failed to provide what the judge asked for.
Read the brief.
Read the basis for their objections.

Greg Fingar, the Columbia County Republican Committee and their attorneys, James Walsh and John Ciampoli, have abused the court’s time, the taxpayers money, and just delayed everything further for no reason other than they could get away with it. Clearly hoping that it might frighten away voters from registering in Columbia County next year.

Court will reconvene on Wednesday, January 13th at 9 a.m. at the Elks Lodge in Hudson. (Map)

We are hopeful that the case will be resolved once and for all then.

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Republican Brief:
Memorandum of Law In Support of Objections to Absentee Ballots
Basis for Objections

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