Friday, January 8, 2010

Taghkanic Residents Finally Win Fight Against Wilzig Racetrack

After years spent fighting the construction of a motocycle racetrack in residential Taghkanic, civic groups in the Town of Taghkanic and throughout Columbia County are rejoicing.

Supreme Court Justice Patrick McGrath has issued a permanent injuction against Alan Wilzig and the Town of Taghkanic forbidding the completion and voiding the permits issued for Wilzig's race track.

From Judge McGrath's decision:
"Petitioners request for a permanent injunction is granted enjoining the Town of Taghkanic, Zoning Board of Appeals of the Town of Taghkanic, Town of Taghkanic Planning Board, Dennis Callahan as Code Enforcement Officer and Building Inspector for the Town of Taghkanic or any other employee or agent of the Town of Taghkanic from issuing a Building Permit, Certificate of Compliance and/or a Certificate of Occupancy or Site Plan approval for the sporting course or track located on the Wilzig property and Alan Wilzig and Karin Wilzig are permanently enjoined from using, constructing, or completing the sporting course or track in any way or manner as well as any agent, guest, or invitee of Alan or Karin Wilzig."
Read the complete decision and the Granger Group's press release.

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