Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Voters Win, Republicans Lose

At the Hudson Elk's lodge today, Judge Nichols heard the final challenges to absentee ballots in the Town of Taghkanic by Greg Fingar and the Republican Party.  In the end the judge overruled every one of the Republican challenges and ordered the ballots opened and counted.

Once opened, the Democrats took every seat which was still in contention. Jeffrey Tallackson will be Taghkanic Town Justice, Larry Kadish and Joyce Thompson will be the new Town Board members and Thomas Youhas will be Superintendent of Highways.

Still to be decided: Kathleen O'Keefe, Democratic Party attorney and Dan Burstein, Democratic Commissioner Virginia Martin's attorney have requested sanctions and attorney fees. The attorneys will have until February 12th for briefs and responses. Judge Nichols will rule on their motions sometime in late February.

NOTE!  We still have legal bills to pay.  Please make a contribution to our Voter Protection Legal Defense Fund