Saturday, February 13, 2010

Assemblyman Marc Molinaro Flip-Flops • • • • • • • Votes Against Own Bill

Assemblyman Marcus Molinaro (R-103AD) voted no on a bill that would have simplified and clarified the absentee ballot process.  

The flip-flop was particularly bizarre since Molinaro is listed as a multi-sponsor of the bill.

Columbia County Democrats Chair, Chris Nolan said:
"Marc Molinaro's vote on the Assembly bill to simplify the absentee ballot process (A05276B) is a blatant example of political posturing.  Listed as a multi-sponsor on the bill for months as if a champion of peoples' right to vote, when it came time to actually vote on the bill Molinaro was one of only FIVE Assembly Members to vote against it.  Molinaro actually voted against a bill on which he is listed as a sponsor. A classic case of a political flip-flop after local Republican leaders reminded him where his bread is buttered."

See the bill along with Marc's sponsorship and vote here.

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