Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Peter Donahoe Endorsed by County Dems for Columbia County Clerk

The Columbia County Democratic Committee have endorsed Peter Donahoe of Stuyvesant for Columbia County Clerk.

Peter Donahoe, a computer technician and community activist, has been
endorsed in his run for County Clerk by the Columbia County Democratic Committee.

Donahoe lives in Stuyvesant, where he has served on the Greenway Committee, Zoning Revision Committee, and Stuyvesant Falls Bridge Project, and has run previously run for Stuyvesant Supervisor.

Regarding Mr. Donahoe, Columbia County Democrats Chair Christopher Nolan said:
"The Columbia County Democratic Committee is proud to support Peter Donahoe as our candidate for County Clerk.  We believe that the office and its record keeping systems are in disarray and desparately need just the kind of experience Peter has to bring open, non-partisan and accessible management practices to the office."
Donahoe looks to make the County Clerk’s office more efficient, user-friendly and cost-effective. 
“The Clerk's office is one of the most important in county government,” he says. “It’s the office that people contact most often, for every kind of document, from hunting permits to marriage licenses to deeds and legal records. How these records are maintained, and how the information is made freely accessible to the public, is an essential government service."
“The cost of this service must be reduced,” says Donahoe, “using all the tools of this information age, from an accessible and informative webpage to high-speed document scanning and retrieval.”
Donahoe has a background in computer technology, high-end imaging systems and the practical skills of troubleshooting and customer service. 
“These give me unique abilities to meet the challenges of the Clerk’s office and not only improve the quality of our experience of government service, but also make the County Clerk office as efficient and productive as possible to reduce cost and promote investment,” he says.
Donahoe works for Sagem-Morpho, Inc., in Albany, an international leader in biometrics that services the NYS Department of Social Services’ office of Temporary and Disability Assistance. The company provides support for more than 200 computer workstations across the state. Donahoe, a certified computer technician, is highly skilled at information management, including hands-on skill with hardware and software, computer network skills and information technology administration. He has many years of experience in problem solving and customer support.

As a former police photographer, he knows the importance of documentation and the preservation of information.

Donahoe is a graduate of St. Francis College and holds a master’s degree in communication design from Pratt Institute. He is also a certified electron microscopist, having trained at the VA hospital in Albany.

Donahoe and his wife, Melanie Burrows Donahoe, have three children.

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