Monday, November 8, 2010

Register-Star Finally Runs Story on Saland

Even though they sat on the story, denying voters the right to be fully informed prior to voting,The Register-Star has finally ran a very good story on Senator Saland's request that Fire Companies in Columbia and Dutchess Counties "thank" him on their outdoor signs right before Election Day, by John Mason

In the story, Mason includes a quote from Saland saying he did, in fact give "Jim [Van Deusen] a call," but there was no strongarming involved. "I said from time to time people see fit to say 'Thank you.' If they did, that would be OK; if not, that would be, too. It was nothing more than a casual conversation."

The fact that Saland has confirmed that he indeed made the requests is stunning. It confirms why Lloyd Hamilton and Victor Mendolia filed the complaint in the first place.

See the Register-Star article and see more coverage in the Daily Politics blog in the NY Daily News.