Friday, May 27, 2011

Columbia County Democrats Make County-Wide Endorsements for 2011

Columbia County Democratic Committee
met in Hudson on
Thursday May 26th
to endorse our 2011 candidates for countywide office.

• Hudson City Judge Richard Koweek was chosen to run for county judge. 
• Dr. George Davis MD will seek re-election to the post of County Coroner. 
• Eugene Keeler was chosen for District Attorney. 
Peter Stoll, CPA was picked to run for County Treasurer. 
(l-r)  Endorsed Candidates Judge Richard Koweek for County Judge,
Dr. George Davis for reelection as County Coroner,
Eugene Keeler for District Attorney and Peter Stoll for County Treasurer.
Experienced Hudson City Judge Richard Koweek was selected to run for county judge. He will likely be opposed by the current Republican District Attorney Beth Cozzolino.Koweek spoke openly of his long family history in our community. He said, "In criminal law, I've served as a defense counsel, prosecutor and judge. I think this experience makes me uniquely qualified to be a candidate and a judge. Nobody else brings that to the table."

Gene Keeler, who announced his candidacy early in 2011, was picked to run for District Attorney. Gene Keeler is a former Columbia County DA, was Public Defender, and was a social worker for 21 years. Gene Keeler opened his remarks with a statement about Richard Koweek stating "I'm proud to be running with Richard Koweek - he's beyond reproach." Keeler went on to say the difference between him and the Republican side is that, "I know what it is to be clinical. I can do both things, think as a clinical social worker and fight for what is right." The other side, he said, are "adversarial and abusive" when what is called for is a more flexible approach.

A relative newcomer to county politics, Peter Stoll was picked to run for County Treasurer. Peter Stoll is a CPA and has run several financial departments of large multi-million dollar corporations. He will be the only certified public accountant running for the office of county treasurer. As a CPA, Mr. Stoll feels he is "incredibly qualified" for the job as County Treasurer. He said he will "Do what's right for the county: dig in, make sure nothing's taken for granted, and work like the dickens to win this election." Mr. Stoll's family's history in this area goes back to the 1940s; his aunt owned a flower farm on Rock City Road in Chatham.

Dr. George Davis will seek re-election to the post of County Coroner. Dr. Davis has been a doctor for over 30 years and has been an elected County Coroner for four years. It is notable that Dr. Davis is the first doctor to hold this position in Columbia County history. Dr. Davis said "I bring a unique set of experiences to my unique role for the county."

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Martin Van Buren Dinner


Saturday, June 4, 2011 
Columbia Golf and Country Club
295 Route 217 - Claverack, New York 
Tickets - $50
6pm - Cocktails on the Deck
7pm - Dinner and Awards Presentation


Professor of Modern International History & Politics at the Sage Colleges
and an international affairs commentator for WAMC 



Music by Ed Reisner & the Jazz Men

This event is sure to SELL OUT this year as it did last year, so we encourage you to purchase your tickets early by going to
or sending a check to the
Columbia County Democratic Committee
PO Box 507, Ghent, NY 12516