Friday, September 23, 2011

The Best Team of Competent Candidates for Columbia County

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This year in Columbia County, voters are going to have a real choice. They can choose whether to support the same old bunch of people, who don't seem to get much done. Or they can chose the incredibly qualified Democrats who are running Countywide this year.

(l-r) Richard Koweek, Peter Stoll, Eugene Keeler, Dr George Davis

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Judge Richard Koweek for County Judge
Richard Koweek grew up and has lived is entire life in Columbia County. He raised great kids here too.

He's practiced most every kind of law that is handled at County Court. He was also elected City Judge in 2009 and currently sits in Hudson City Court. That experience will serve him well on the bench. It will also serve the people of Columbia County well. His opponent is sorely lacking the broad based experience that Judge Koweek brings to the bench.

County Court jurisdiction is broad and diverse, and the position of County Court Judge is multifaceted. It requires a person who can deal with emotional family issues with sensitivity and understanding yet is firm and forthright when dealing with people who have harmed others. He also understands the legal complexities of estate and civil practice. But most of all, he is fair and respects all who come before the Court.

Judge Koweek’s background, temperament, and experience uniquely qualify him to be the next Columbia County Court judge
Visit Judge Koweek's website.
Judge Koweek has been endorsed by:
Columbia County Democratic CommitteeWorking Families Party, and the Hudson Valley Area Labor Federation

Contributions may be made to:

Committee to Elect Richard Koweek
65 Glenwood Blvd
Hudson NY 12534
Frank Rees Treasurer

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Peter Stoll CPA for County Treasurer
Peter Stoll is a Certified Public Accountant licensed and registered in New York State with extensive audit and income tax experience. He also has an extensive knowledge of information technology, financial systems, and internal controls. Skills that have been sorely lacking, as our county has thrashed back and forth from one unthought out scheme after another.
Peter Stoll has managed the finances for several mid-size businesses for the past 35 years. In this way he has developed the skills required to manage, monitor, and control the way public money is spent in Columbia County. He has a record of implementing major cost savings. Something that the next few years are going to require. He is eager to put his skills to work for the benefit of all of us, and to help reduce the cost of managing the County’s government.

These times require that we seek out and hire only the best people we can find to help solve our financial situation. That is what elections are supposed to be about, hiring the best person for the job at hand. We have found the best person for the job. He is Peter Stoll, the only CPA in the race.
Learn more about Peter on his website.
Peter Stoll has been endorsed by:
Columbia County Democratic CommitteeWorking Families Party, and the Hudson Valley Area Labor Federation

Contributions may be made to:

Peter Stoll 4 Treasurer
PO Box 113
East Chatham, NY  12060

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Eugene Keeler for District Attorney
Gene Keeler is an institution in Columbia County. He is a former elected district attorney and has held the positions of public defender, conflict public defender, and, currently, director of legal and advocacy services at COARC. Gene holds a J.D. degree from the University of Memphis and a master’s degree from the University of Tennessee. He is an attorney with 30 years of general practice that includes criminal law and elder law, and is a licensed master’s-level social worker.Gene Keeler knows what is wrong with the system, because he has seen it from every side.

He has been telling the people of this county that the system is rotten and broken for years. Everyone knows about the cronyism, favoritism and shoddy work at the DA's office. But only one person was willing to stand up and call it out for what it was. That man is Gene Keeler. Lots of people have no problem with what goes on there. Because they figure that if they ever need to get off of a DWI or a domestic assault, that there familial, business or political connections, will get them off. When they have issues with the police or the DA's office, everything is just taken care of, with easy sentences if it even goes to court and rarely does anyone read about it in the paper.

But the regular Jane or Joe, who work hard, pay their taxes try to be good citizens, get the book thrown at them, in order to keep the conviction rate high at the DA's office. Political connections should not buy you a "get out of jail free card". Gene has promised to end the “get out of jail free” program for the well-connected. Instead he will give all citizens equal treatment under the law.  Isn't that what we should all expect?

He cares about justice, not statistics. While at the same time, he will make sure that all evidence gets to court and will ooperate fully with the police and community agencies. He will work full time to save the taxpayers money, and will work especially hard to assist victims and to lock up hard-core criminals.

It's time to clean up the mess at the District Attorney's office and stop playing political games with people's lives. Gene will make it a place where all of the citizens of Columbia County will feel that they have an impartial and fair person sitting in the prosecutors chair. Eugene Keeler is the right person for District Attorney.

Eugene Keeler has been endorsed by:
Columbia County Democratic Committee  Working Families Party, and the Hudson Valley Area Labor Federation

Contributions made be made to:

Committee for DA Reform Vote Keeler
75 Spook Rock Rd
Hudson NY 12534

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Dr. George Davis for County Coroner
Dr. Davis has served one four year term as County Coroner. He is also the only doctor in recent memory to serve as Coroner. Shockingly, the Coroner's position does not require any medical training at all. All that is required is getting the most votes on Election Day. 

Not many people understand what a corner does. Most people think that the coroner pronounces people "dead". In fact the coroner often gets to the scene quite a while after a person has died. What the coroner mostly does, is investigate why or how the person died. In essence the coroner is the advocate for the deceased.

Dr. Davis has four years experience as County Coroner. He has 30 years’ experience in family practice medicine in Columbia County. He has done extensive training in death investigation. He has a detailed knowledge of the legal system and ethics, and holds a Master’s Degree in bioethics, along with extensive experience in grief work.

He is the advocate for those who have no voices. He is the compassionate doctor who tends to the grieving families. He is the only candidate in the race for coroner with the education, experience and medical training to do the job properly.

He has earned the thanks and apprecaition from so many people in Columbia County, because he was there for them at one of the worst times in their life. He's earned their respect and he should have your vote. Keep the doctor at the corner's office.

Contributions may be made to:

Committee to Elect George F Davis MD
161 Turkey Hill Road
Red Hook, NY 12571

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