Friday, September 9, 2011

Eugene Keeler for District Attorney

Eugene Keeler for 
Columbia County District Attorney

Experience     Family Values      Wisdom 
The right combination for justice.

Eugene Keeler of Claverack is a lifelong Columbia County resident. In 32 years of service to the county he has been elected district attorney and held the positions of public defender, conflict public defender, and, currently, director of legal and advocacy services at COARC.

Eugene Keeler holds a J.D. degree from the University of Memphis and a master’s degree from the University of Tennessee. He is an attorney with 30 years of general practice that includes criminal law and elder law, and a licensed master’s-level social worker.

As Columbia County District Attorney, Eugene Keeler will:

  • End the “get out of jail free” program for the well-connected
  • Lock up hard-core criminals
  • Give all citizens equal treatment under the law
  • Handle cases quickly
  • Make sure that all evidence gets to court
  • Cooperate fully with the police and community agencies
  • Keep the D.A.’s office open and accessible to all
  • Assist victims
  • Work full time and save taxpayer money
  • Care about justice, not statistics