Monday, October 31, 2011

Governor Cuomo Endorses Peter Stoll CPA for Columbia County Treasurer

Governor Andrew Cuomo has endorsed Certified Public Accountant, Peter Stoll for Columbia County Treasurer. 

Governor Cuomo stated, 
"Peter Stoll has the qualifications, experience and expertise to lead Columbia County's finances in these tough economic times. We have serious issues that need to be addressed by a seasoned professional with Peter's background. Having a financial professional in the Treasurer's office is crucial for Columbia County's fiscal stability and economic integrity."

Peter Stoll had this to say, 
"I am truly honored to have Governor Cuomo's support and I look forward to working with the Governor and with all levels of government while I modernize and bring transparency to Columbia County's accounting practices. My long career and responsibilities as a CPA provide me with the expertise and financial tools to be Columbia County's treasurer."

About the endorsement Cyndy Hall, Columbia County Democratic Committee Chair said, 
"Having Governor Cuomo's endorsement emphasizes what we have been saying all along, Peter Stoll, CPA is the most qualified and experienced candidate for County Treasurer. He will put his skills to work for the benefit of our residents and help reduce the cost of managing County government. We are thrilled and honored that Governor Cuomo has endorsed him and we thank the Governor for his support."

Senator Gillibrand Endorses Nick Haddad for Mayor in the City of Hudson

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand who until recently made her home on Mt Merino in Greenport just outside Hudson, has endorsed Democratic and Working Families Candidate Nick Haddad to be Hudson's next Mayor.

About the endorsement, Senator Gillibrand had this to say,
"Hudson needs a Mayor who has the business experience and management skills to attract new business, foster and expand the businesses that exist today and to develop Hudson's greatest asset, its waterfront. Nick Haddad has just those skills. Nick will build upon Hudson's strengths and get Hudson back to work. I look forward to working with Nick as Hudson's next Mayor."
After receiving word of the Senator's endorsement Nick Haddad said 
“Having lived here Senator Gillibrand really knows Hudson, she understands our city and what it needs to reach its full potential. So I am humbled and honored to receive her endorsement."
Reacting to the endorsement, Hudson City Democratic Committee Chair Victor Mendolia commented,
"We are so proud of Senator Gillibrand and thrilled that she remains as engaged in Hudson and Columbia County as ever. She sees what we have been saying all along, that Nick Haddad is the right person to take Hudson forward. We sincerely appreciate the Senator's endorsement and support".
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The Columbia Paper Endorses Dr. George Davis.

and its publisher Parry Teasdale 
have endorsed 
Dr. George Davis
Columbia County Coroner

In the editorial endorsement, Mr. Teasdale says,
"He (...) has the ability to communicate on a professional level with the forensic pathologists, the specialists whose opinions may eventually affect the fate of others in criminal cases. In these matters, there is no substitute for the observations of a doctor and his ability to speak the language of medical science with his peers".

"Dr. George Davis renders a great service to the people of this county, and on November 8 I urge voters to re-elect him as a Columbia County Coroner".
Read the entire endorsement at The Columbia Paper

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Columbia Paper Endorses Peter Stoll, CPA

and its publisher Parry Teasdale 
have endorsed 
Peter Stoll, CPA 
Columbia County Treasurer

In the Editorial Mr. Teasdale cites the need to have a professional at the helm as the County's Chief Fiscal Watchdog saying,
...this job of chief fiscal officer requires something that of the two, only Mr. Stoll has: professional expertise in the bewilderingly complex field of money management. He also has a lifetime of experience in the maze of reporting requirements that allow others to know exactly where their money has gone and how it got there.

Mr. Teasdale also referenced the $9 Million in funds the county floated on its books for years, even though they knew or should have known that the money would never be collected, saying,
To blow the whistle on stunts like that, not to mention to combat the fraudsters who lurk just a click away on the Internet or, let's face it, the crooks who sometimes weasel their way inside, this county needs an independently elected treasurer who knows best how to protect the tax money we give the county. In this race, Peter Stoll is that person.

Read the entire endorsement at The Columbia Paper

District Attorney Candidates Debate

Columbia County 
District Attorney

Democrat Eugene Keeler 
Republican Paul Czjaka

The debate was sponsored jointly by the Register-Star and the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce. The moderator for the event was Columbia County Chamber of Commerce President David Colby and was held Friday October 29th.

Following is a report on the debate by Cyndy Hall, Chair of the Columbia County Democratic Committee.
I attended the debate yesterday at SPACE 360 along with a good number of other Democrats.  The format was very similar to that used by the now defunct Columbia County League of Women Voters. The room was full, about 150 people and I think fairly evenly split between supporters of both candidates. Both made opening statements, questions were taken from the audience and each had closing statements. You can read more about it in the Register-Star.

About the actual debate:
Gene Keeler was excellent! He presented new ideas to help people in trouble with the law, especially young people and promised to throw the book at hard core criminals. He called Czajka out on "special treatment for special people" and gave specific examples to back up his case; he gave examples of Czajka intermingling politics with the law: He stated that in the past the DA's office only focused on conviction rates and he would focus on social justice. Gene was articulate, passionate about the law and helping people and presented many new ideas for change. He won the debate .. hands down, in my opinion.

County Judge Candidates Address the Audience
Both candidates for County Judge had a chance to introduce themselves and had 5 minutes to make their case . This was NO CONTEST - the jury is back and Richard Koweek won the case! He was calm, cool, articulate, presented his case in a logical, factual manner; he looked like a judge and sounded like a judge. Cozzolino was lackluster at best and she sounded totally unprepared.
For more on the debate see Register-Star 
See also Candidate profiles in Columbia Paper and Register-Star

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Scenes From Columbia County's Democratic Convention

Democratic Countywide, City and Town Candidates for Office all helped raise funds for the campaigns but more importantly they also helped create new bonds between those who seek to serve the residents of the County, the City and the Towns of Columbia County.

On October 23rd 2011, Dozens of Candidates for County and Town Offices converged for the very first Columbia County Democratic Convention. The event took place at Helsinki Hudson. This marked the first time that the Countywide Democratic candidates and candidates for Town Boards, Common Council, Town Supervisor, Town Clerk, Tax Collector and Highway Superintendent were all in the same place at the same time.

Many candidates met their counterparts from other towns for the first time at this event.  The Columbia County Democratic Committee sees this event as another step forward toward greater cooperation between elected officials and between the municipalities that they represent.

Following is a group photo of many of the Democratic candidates running countywide and in the city and towns of Columbia County along with the the Officers of the Columbia County Democratic Committee.

Check out the following slide show for more scenes from the
1st Columbia County Democratic Convention.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Only One County Judge Candidate Is Rated

The Democratic endorsed candidate for Columbia County Judge, Hudson City Court Judge Richard M. Koweek has been rated “Qualified” by the Independent Judicial Election Qualification Commission (IJEQC) for the Third Judicial District.

Judge Koweek is the only candidate for the position of Columbia County Judge to achieve this distinction.

“I am deeply honored. The IJEQC process was very detailed and demanding. It was clear during the interview that my judicial experience and demeanor, combined with varied legal knowledge, were significant to the members of the IJEQC. The ‘Qualified’ rating from an independent panel of both lawyers and non-lawyers speaks to my unique qualifications for the position of Columbia County Judge."

Columbia County Democrats Chair Cyndy Hall said,
"This is quite an honor for Judge Koweek and I am thrilled for him. His experience and impeccable judicial reputation will serve him well as Columbia County Judge. I do find it perplexing that Ms. Cozzolino would not put herself forward to this panel. They are designed to take the issue of qualification for office out of the political realm and put it in the hands of non-partisan experts."

If you'd like to make a contribution to Judge Koweek's Campaign
Checks can be mailed to:

Committee to Elect Richard Koweek
65 Glenwood Blvd
Hudson NY 12534
Frank Rees Treasurer