Friday, October 28, 2011

The Columbia Paper Endorses Peter Stoll, CPA

and its publisher Parry Teasdale 
have endorsed 
Peter Stoll, CPA 
Columbia County Treasurer

In the Editorial Mr. Teasdale cites the need to have a professional at the helm as the County's Chief Fiscal Watchdog saying,
...this job of chief fiscal officer requires something that of the two, only Mr. Stoll has: professional expertise in the bewilderingly complex field of money management. He also has a lifetime of experience in the maze of reporting requirements that allow others to know exactly where their money has gone and how it got there.

Mr. Teasdale also referenced the $9 Million in funds the county floated on its books for years, even though they knew or should have known that the money would never be collected, saying,
To blow the whistle on stunts like that, not to mention to combat the fraudsters who lurk just a click away on the Internet or, let's face it, the crooks who sometimes weasel their way inside, this county needs an independently elected treasurer who knows best how to protect the tax money we give the county. In this race, Peter Stoll is that person.

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