Thursday, November 10, 2011

Koweek Wins Stunning Victory for Columbia County Judge

County Judge-Elect Richard Koweek
Hudson City Judge Richard Koweek has won a stunning victory for Columbia County Judge on Tuesday. His opponent in the race was longtime District Attorney Beth Cozzolino who ran for County Judge rather than face a primary for District Attorney by former Judge Paul Czajka.

Judge Koweek won 11 of the 18 towns in the county and the City of Hudson. He did exceptionally well in Stockport, Hillsdale, Germantown and Austerlitz, Greenport and Hudson. His appeal was also quite strong in the traditionally Republican towns of Claverack and Livingston.

He was the only candidate in the race for Columbia County Judge rated as "Qualified" by the Independent Judicial Election Qualification Commission for the Third District which Columbia County is a part of.

Congratulations to Judge Koweek for an excellent job well done! 
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2011 Election Returns for Columbia County

These are the unofficial election returns countywide races in Columbia County as reported by Democratic Representatives at every poll site in every town in the county.

For breakdowns to the City or Town level, please click the link to your town at the top of the page.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Vote Row A - Vote Democratic

The Columbia Paper has Endorsed Judge Richard Koweek for County Judge

and its publisher Parry Teasdale
have endorsed

Judge Richard Koweek
Columbia County Judge

In the editorial endorsement, Mr. Teasdale says,

"Richard Koweek has demonstrated his ability to preside as a judge in a challenging courtroom. He knows the community. He has the approval of legal experts who understand what judges must know. He should be elected the next county judge."

Read the entire endorsement at The Columbia Paper

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has endorsed Lee Jamison for Stuyvesant Supervisor

In announcing her endorsement, Senator Gillibrand had this to say;

“Lee Jamison is committed to the people and community of Stuyvesant,” Senator Gillibrand said. “I know that she will use her experience and leadership to work tirelessly to move Stuyvesant in the right direction during these fiscally difficult times. I encourage voters to support Lee on Election Day, Tuesday, November 8th.”

 “I’m delighted to receive Senator Gillibrand’s support,” Lee said. “In Columbia County, the Town Supervisor also functions as a County Legislator. Currently, there are only 5 women Supervisors on the 23 member Columbia County Board of Supervisors.  Senator Gillibrand has launched a vigorous awareness campaign to encourage women to "Get off the Sidelines." The Senator and I believe that the involvement of women will be critical to get our County and our Country out of the economic recession. Many local women are entrepreneurs, as integral parts of family small businesses and farms. Women excel at consensus building, hard work, problem-solving and multi-tasking. Most Columbia County women are well aware of the complex economic needs of balancing work and family, childcare and eldercare, prices at the gas pump and prices at the grocery store.  We all know neighbors who have lost a home or who may have even taken in someone who lost a job. Women know that together we can put Columbia County's human and natural resources back to work for everyone.”

Senator Gillibrand Endoses Peter Bujanow for Kinderhook Town Board

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has endorsed Councilman Peter Bujanow in his bid for re-election to the Kinderhook Town Board.   Senator Gillibrand cited Bujanow’s advocacy for the people of the Town of Kinderhook as well as his commitment to fair and effective government. 

I am pleased to give my endorsement to Peter Bujanow in the race for Town Council in the Town of Kinderhook”, Gillibrand said.  “Peter is a dedicated, competent and objective leader who is deeply involved in his community and interested in its overall welfare. Open and accessible government is crucial and I am enthused by Peter’s efforts to make Kinderhook’s Town Hall more transparent.  I know that Peter will continue to advocate for the people of Kinderhook as Town Councilman and that is why I believe he is the best candidate for the job.”
I share Senator Gillibrand’s strong commitment to fair and effective government, and I am deeply honored to receive her endorsement for re-election”, Bujanow said. “Senator Gillibrand is one of our nation’s most hardworking and effective senators and her record of public service is a model for all elected officials to emulate,” said Bujanow. “She understands that government needs to be sound, strong and work for the people it represents in these fiscally difficult times to create jobs, promote economic development and improve the quality of life for our residents."
About the endorsement Cyndy Hall, Columbia County Democratic Committee Chair said, "Senator Gillibrand’s endorsement of Peter Bujanow emphasizes that he is the most qualified and experienced candidate for Kinderhook Town Council.  Mr. Bujanow will continue to be an outspoken and passionate leader working in the best interest of all residents of the Town of Kinderhook.  We are honored that Senator Gillibrand has endorsed Councilman Bujanow and we thank the Senator for her support."
Peter Bujanow has served as a Kinderhook Town Councilman for a total of eleven years, from 1995 to 2001 and from 2008 to present.  Among his many activities during his tenure on the Town Board, he was Deputy Town Supervisor from 2000 to 2001, and has chaired numerous Town Committees including Comprehensive Plan Implementation, Comprehensive Plan Review, Energy, Local Law and Code Review.  In 2006, Councilman Bujanow also volunteered his time as Project Coordinator to manage the construction of the New Town Highway Garage Building.