Thursday, June 21, 2012

In Democratic Primary The Columbia Paper Endorses Julian Schreibman

The Columbia Paper and its publisher Parry Teasdale have endorsed Julian Schreibman in Tuesday's Democratic Congressional Primary.

From the Editorial: 
"Mr. Schreibman's positions address many of the (...) issues but they're framed in practical terms of programs and bills, an acknowledgement of how things actually get done in Washington. The principles come unburdened by the dogmatic certainty that too often characterizes Mr. Tyner's approach. Mr. Schreibman leaves the door open to discussion and inclusion, which is one way people get elected in divided districts."

Read the full editorial at Columbia Paper 
and the accompanying article Two Dems seek to unseat Gibson

The Democratic Primary will take place this 
Tuesday June 26th. 
Polls open Noon - 9pm