Thursday, September 20, 2012

Help Take Back Congress! Please Volunteer This Saturday!

Now is the TIME!
While the Presidential race is looking hopeful, now we need to make an all out effort to take back control of Congress and end the gridlock that has hampered the President, our economy and the nation.

We can do that by helping elect Julian Schreibman to Congress. He will be a strong forceful leader for protecting Medicare and Medicaid, Women's Rights and equality for all people.

We need you now!

Please join us at Schreibman Campaign Headquarters in Hudson at Noon. There will be a very brief training then people will head out in groups to let people know why it is so important to vote and to vote Democratic this year.

Door to Door Canvass for 
Julian Schreibman for Congress
Meet at:
Schreibman Columbia County Campaign Headquarters
1 Warren Street in Hudson at Noon.

For all the details and to sign up go here: