Thursday, July 24, 2014

Brian Howard for State Senate

Brian Howard
for NY State Senate
43rd Senate District Map

Brian Howard is a husband, father, and veteran educator. He spent 42 years as a classroom teacher, union leader, principal, and school superintendent. His career as a leader in education means he's skilled at problem solving, collaborating, and getting things done.

Brian is happily married to his wife Janet and proud father to his three children: Kate, an attorney in Albany; Eamon, an Iraq War veteran; and Annie, who recently graduated college in New York City.


  • The Economy: Bring real economic development to Upstate that focuses on infrastructure, Main Street revitalization, and small business development. Provide a fair living minimum wage. 
  • Campaign Finance Reform: Limit campaign contributions, publicly fund elections, and bring one-person-one-vote democracy back to New York. 
  • Education: Restore state funding to pre-recession levels and pause Common Core implementation so teachers and students can catch their breath.

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